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Aug 25, 2009


Dear 2009 Great Places applicants-

The Staff and I want to extend thanks for all the hard work you did in submitting the Great Places proposals for this year. We had many outstanding applications for the upcoming year. I want to thank you for all your hard work and the extra time you spent preparing and submitting your proposals.

Your time, effort and hard work were shown in the high quality of the proposals. All of the places put a lot of time planning and volunteer hours to submit their proposals.

After much consideration the Citizens Advisory Board chose six places as the finalists for the bus tour that will take place September 29th and 30th. They are as follows:

Cedar Valley Alliance

Iowa City/Coralville/North Liberty

City of Marion

Turkey River Corridor

Tama County

Van Buren County

The Citizens Advisory Board took into consideration the limited amount of state funding for the proposed projects; the limited staff available for providing resources; the readiness factor of places to move forward; and the adequacy of secured funding to maintain and fund the proposed projects all were factored into the selection criteria.

The staff also wants to recognize the efforts of the other places that were not selected. Rolfe, Albia and Lee County made good proposals and will be encouraged to continue in the process of making their place a better place to work, play and make a living.

I will be in contact with your Great Places committee head to finalize the itinerary for the bus tour for September 29th and 30th within the next few days. I will also suggest times, and the format of the formal presentations in your place.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Again thanks for your hard work and Good Luck,

Francis Boggus

Iowa Great Places Coordinator

Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs

Aug 7, 2009

Great Places Application for Turkey River Corridor Complete

A little bit of hard work and the application and Power Point are complete. Getting printed today and delivered on Monday. The document is posted for all to see on the documents window to the right side of the blog.

Adam Pollock

Jul 28, 2009

New Google Documents and Images Posted

Maps of the
Root River Trail
Mississippi River Trail
Elkader Pony Hollow Trail

Aerial Satellite view of downtown Elkader
Terrain map of downtown Elkader
Street map of downtown Elkader

Images of Sweet Corn Days in Elkader

Are all now posted in the Picasa albums and/or as PDF's also in the Google Documents.

Note that we are starting to code documents into folders for organization.

Adam P.
Writing group for the Iowa Great Places Grant met at the library from 6 to 8 on Monday July 27, 2009/ Jill Sanders, Sue Gnagy, Claire Wright, Roger Buchholz, Maureen Johnson, Rod Marlatt, Adam Pollock and Bob Hendrickson were present.

1. Announcements - Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday at 10am - everyone please come if you can - letter of support
Linda Howard from Iowa Great Places will be at our meeting Thursday July 30 to help with the grant writing. She will also work Friday morning.

2. Sue will call Laura Friest for maps to include in the grant application.

3. Rest of evening was spent looking at the Final Grant.PDF. Sue will lay in captions. We took each section and talked about possible inclusions.
Small groups worked on their sections. Rough drafts will be put in the document section of our Google account by noon Thursday. Sue will lay these in to the template, and we will ask Roger Thomas to print 10 copies for Thursday night.

Jul 25, 2009

Minutes July 23, 2009

To develop and enhance our existing natural resource base
through the creation of land and water trails to serve as the catalyst
for economic growth and development

1. Water Trail

     PHASE ONE - Designation of 114 miles of the Turkey River as an
Iowa Water Trail. March 25, 2009. This includes the Turkey River
Corridor Great Place communities of Clermont,                    
                                    Elgin and Elkader.
(Signage, brochures, trail maps, and marketing materials) USE MAP FROM WATER TRAIL GRANT done by fall 2010.
        PHASE TWO - Design improvements for accessibility to river, recreational activities and ecology.
        PHASE THREE - Implement
improvements for accessibility to river, recreational activities and ecology.

2. Recreational Trail
        PHASE ONE -  Implement Elgin to Clermont and west to Nims Bridge USE MAP HERE  Design Elkader to Elgin trail.
        PHASE TWO - Develop community trails to enhance community support for regional trails. Looping intra-community trails connecting to downtown.
        PHASE THREE - Implement Elkader to Elgin trail and Turkey River Corridor ammenities.

Jul 22, 2009

What is the Turkey River Corridor?

The Turkey River Corridor is a picturesque stretch of the Turkey River running through Fayette and Clayton Counties. A group of Fayette and Clayton County residents and officials are coordinating efforts to develop sustainable attractions that build on the strengths of the Turkey River as a beautiful natural resource. Primary goals are a recreational trail from Clermont through Elgin to Elkader and a water trail. Major achievements have already been made toward the water trail and the first phase of the recreational trail from Clermont to Elgin.

The corridor group is working on an application to obtain an Iowa Great Places designation for the Turkey River Corridor. The group is also working through the Iowa Trees Forever Visioning process.

-Claire Wright

Jul 21, 2009

New images and videos posted

Images of the 2004 and 2008 Turkey River Flood in Elkader are now available in the Picassa albums.

Videos of the 2004 and 2008 Turkey River Flood in Elkader are now available at YouTube (search Elkader Iowa Flood)

-Adam Pollock